Monday, August 23, 2010

CO2 and Temperature

When Climate Change Scientists are trying to show how abnormal our current change in CO2 and Temperature is, they show a chart that looks like this:

[image from Temperature Changes Precede CO2 Changes - by James M. Taylor - Environment & Climate News]

These scientists explain how increased carbon dioxide correlates to increased temperatures.  Industrialization is dumping more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and we are warming at an alarming rate.

When I look at that chart, I see an increase in temperature, followed by an increase in carbon dioxide.  That is not contested, and I believe correlation is not causation.

My question to you Climate Change Scientists and Believers is this.  Why do CO2 levels rise after temperature rises?  Look at this in a historical context, not in the past 150 years.  Here's my theory, and shoot it full of holes:  When temperatures rise, there is more available land mass and a more favorable environment for plants.  More plants, more CO2.

Am I wrong, and why?


  1. The science proves that the CO2 changes occurred before the temperature changes, if you read a scientific article on it you might know that.
    What I don't understand is how people are so reliant on medical science and the improvements they are making, but are so quick to question other scientific studies. They are all conducted using the same process! Sure there are some "fake" studies that arise, but they are immediately tested by other scientist and can easily be disproved. Studies such as climate change are vastly supported by data from thousands of different studies. Its not just an idea that someone had and in the scientific community it is considered as fact. Educate yourself!

  2. You do also realize that more plants means more oxygen, less co2, right? Again, your argument is discredited by your lack of knowledge on the topic.